Refunds, Yearbooks, etc

I purchased a senior package. How much will my refund be? Refunds are only being issued for seniors that paid in full for their package. Orange Package: Refund will be $270 (Prom + Grad Bash + Senior week activities) Already paid for $80 for Yearbook $40 sports pass Senior breakfast $20 Hoodie $15 for senior…

Duval Homeroom


Mondays & Wednesdays are always A Day

Tuesdays & Thursdays are always B Day

Fridays are consulting days to set up times to ask questions, tutoring sessions, and get extra help from the teacher or through in group discussion


As of now the district is holding onto all decision making about the different events and activities throughout the remainder of the year. We will do our best to get answers out to the students as soon as we can! Stay safe, stay home, and keep hope alive!

Student Council Trunk or Treat

Our first annual Student Council Club Trunk or Treat was a major success. Families from Mandarin Oaks, Loretto Elementary, Greenland Pines, and Crown Point, as well as those passing by and saw our 20+ cars came through and enjoyed the night. On a 95 degree day the students provided candy and activities for the trunk…