FAQ: Did Haley Pham Graduate High School?

What happened to Haley Pham and Ryan Trahan?

Haley and Trahan took a break from their relationship three months after moving in together. Haley and Trahan moved in together several months after they started dating. An argument ensued, and the couple decided to take a break from the relationship.

Did Haley and Ryan get married?

After 6 months in November 2020, they tied the knot in the beautiful wedding ceremony. Married At First Sight’s ‘wedding of the year’ has finally been given an airdate. HALEY PHAM AND RYAN TRAHAN CAUGHT LYING.

Are Ryan Trahan and Haley still dating?

She’s been candid about her devout Christian faith, and how she found a kindred spirit with 21-year-old boyfriend Ryan Trahan. The two have been dating since 2018, and they got fans buzzing when they posted about getting engaged in May of 2020.

Did Haley Pham buy a house?

Haley (pham, you know her–my perfect girlfriend) and I bought a house together last October, and it is the biggest blessing in the world. We have a beautiful view in the mornings, so I wake up about 30 minutes before the crack of dawn and brew my morning cup of joe.

Did Haley Pham lose followers?

She lost a little over 400,000 subscribers during the fallout of this video, and she is seemingly unable to stay grounded.

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Who is Haley Pham?

Haley Pham is becoming YouTube’s poster child for the tumultuous teens. The 18-year-old dancer, beauty and lifestyle personality known for her sassy vlogs had quite the transformative year.

How long have Haley Pham and Ryan been together?

Haley and Ryan have been together since late 2018, and have made a handful of videos together on Haley’s channel. They have since created a collaborative channel called ‘The Tramphamily’. Their popular videos include shopping for a house together, going on vacations, and trying workouts.

How old is Haley?

Haley Pham was born on 5 December 2000. Haley Pham is 20 years old.

What did Haley Pham say about Greece?

“ I highly discourage you from going to Greece,” Pham said in the video. “Not only are they economically struggling and just the government is struggling right now, but it’s just like not fun.”

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