FAQ: What Year Did Kathy Craine Graduate From Boyertown High School?

What is Kathy Craine worth?

Kathy Craine Net Worth Kathy’s average net worth is $1,209,802.

Does Kathy Craine own Wfmz?

Kathy was the host of the popular WFMZ-FM 6am “Inspiration At Dawn” program for many years, as well as being involved in sales, local news, and community events coverage for the station. It was a natural for Kathy to “cross over” into television in the mid-70’s, as WFMZ-TV was born.

Who was Kathy Craine married to?

Donald R. Hunt, 53, of Emmaus, died Saturday, Jan. 1, in Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia. He was the husband of local newscaster Kathy Craine Hunt of Channel 69 News.

Where is Drew from 69 news going?

Drew currently works as a meteorologist at WFMZ, an independent station in the Philadelphia market that produces 55 hours of news a week.

Who is chief meteorologist at Wfmz?

Meteorologist. Matt Broderick grew up in Wilton, Ct and went to college in Vermont. Before coming to WFMZ, Matt worked as a meteorologist at KEVN FOX 7-TV in Rapid City, South Dakota.

What year did Wfmz start?

In case you missed 69 News at 4 today, I announced that I’ m leaving WFMZ. I have accepted a job with East Coast Facilities and True Weather as a Content Project Coordinator and will begin my job with them later…

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Who is jaciel Cordoba?

Jaciel Cordoba co- anchors 69 News at Sunrise, alongside Eve Russo, and anchors 69 News at Noon. He also anchors a synopsis of Lehigh Valley news on CNN Headline News and a netcast for the WFMZ-TV Website. Previously, Jaciel was a general assignment reporter and fill-in anchor at WDTN-TV in Dayton, Ohio.

Did Alexandra Hogan leave Wfmz?

Alex left WFMZ- TV in September 2019 and was headed to New York where she currently serves as a national correspondent for Fox News.

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