Often asked: What Are The Requirements To Graduate High School In Georgia?

What do you need to graduate high school in Georgia?

The State of Georgia requires students to accumulate a minimum of 23 credit units in order to be awarded a high school diploma. Homeschool students are not required to comply with this requirement, and very often accumulate more than 23 credits.

How many credits do you need to graduate high school in Georgia 2021?

According to the Georgia Department of Education, students must have a minimum of 23 credits in order to graduate. Of those 23 credits, students in Douglas County high schools must meet the following requirements:.

How many community service hours are needed to graduate high school in Georgia?

Students are required to complete 100 hours of volunteer community service to graduate. The specific community service projects are established by the local education agency. Districts may award up to one-half elective credit for student completion of nonpaid voluntary community or school service work.

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How do you get your high school diploma in Georgia?

As such, all students are, by default, trying to earn the high school diploma, which requires 23 credits minimum, including 4 English credits, 4 math credits, 4 science credits, 3 social studies credits, 3 career/foreign language/fine arts credits, 1 health and physical education credit, and 4 elective credits.

How do I graduate from homeschooling in Georgia?

Contrary to popular belief, there are no graduation requirements for homeschoolers in Georgia. That bears repeating. There are NO graduation requirements for homeschoolers in Georgia.

Can you graduate high school early in Georgia?

Students may be permitted to graduate early, if they have met all Graduation Requirements Students may also leave the traditional high school to attend a dual/concurrent enrollment program.

How many credits should I have in 11TH grade?

Credits needed for promotion to next grade: 10TH GRADE =5 CREDITS. 11TH GRADE = 11 CREDITS. 12TH GRADE = 17 CREDITS.

How many credits do you need to be a junior in GA?

For promotion to 12th grade, juniors are required to have a minimum of 17 credits.

Can you graduate with 24 credits?

What is the 24-credit graduation option? The 24-credit graduation option allows a student to graduate from high school in 4 years.

Can you graduate high school without community service?

“ You are not required to do community service to graduate. Regardless of whether it is a requirement for completing high school with a diploma, community service hours offer future opportunities for students with their eye on college acceptance.

How do you graduate with honors in high school in Georgia?

Any senior who has met local and state graduation requirements and has maintained a cumulative HOPE average of 90 or above for the four years of high school (comprised of the numerical 1-100 grade value of all hope eligible classes) will be recognized as an Honor Graduate.

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Is community service required to graduate high school in Georgia?

STUDENT ELIGIBILITY To qualify for the Georgia Student Service Award, a graduating senior student must complete a minimum of 200 service/volunteer hours. Graduating seniors who reach the milestone will receive a certificate and a red/white/blue service cord to be worn at graduation ceremonies.

Can you get your GED online in GA?

Georgia residents may select the Online Proctored GED Test and take the GED test from home while securely monitored by an online proctor. All subject area tests are $40 each. To participate in the Online Proctored GED Test, you will need a computer, webcam, and reliable internet — no tablets or phones are allowed.

How do I get my diploma in Georgia?


  1. STANDARD MAIL: One or more transcripts, and/or diplomas, will be mailed to the address provided. Allow 3 (three) to 5 (five) business days for processing.
  2. NEXT DAY AIR: An additional fee is required.
  3. ELECTRONIC: A single transcript will be delivered to the email address provided by the next business day.

Can you go to college with an online high school diploma?

Almost all colleges and universities accept an accredited online high school diploma. So, make sure to go for an online high school that is regionally accredited. Without regional accreditation, colleges and universities might not approve of your diploma.

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