Question: How Do Us High School Graduates Compare Against Swiss Students?

What is the equivalent of high school in Switzerland?

The upper secondary education is equivalent to the high schools in American education systems regarding the age of the students. Still, it is very much different from an American high school.

Are Swiss degrees recognized in the US?

Re: Recognition of US degree There is no automatic recognition of diplomas /degrees between USA and Switzerland.

How old are you when you graduate high school in Switzerland?

While they also have to attend school up to the age of 15, most expat students continue their high school education up to the age of 18. As such, they graduate with a high-school qualification, such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma, A-Levels, or French Baccalaureate.

Why does Switzerland have the best education system?

Therefore Switzerland claims to have one of the world’s best education systems. Because the cantons are responsible for educational services (kindergarten, schools, universities), education may vary significantly between cantons. Most municipalities provide kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

What is Switzerland ranked in education?

Switzerland ranked as the best education system in the world but ranked third overall in the entire human capital report. The two countries to rank higher overall were Norway and Finland (Finland finishing in first).

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How long are school days in Switzerland?

The school year in the Swiss state system is arranged into two semesters. Usually the new school year starts in mid-August or September, although the exact dates vary slightly according to the canton rules. Typically schools operate from around 8:30am to 4pm, with a long lunch break.

Can I work in Switzerland with a US degree?

If you get a job, yes. If you come to Switzerland to study, you’ll get an ‘L’ permit which expires soon after you finish your studies. At which point you need to either leave the country or find an employer who is willing to request a work permit for you, a ‘B’ permit.

What is Swiss maturity certificate?

Swiss Matura/ Federal Maturity Certificate and exam results. Most recent High School exam results prior to High School graduation. Swiss Matura with an overall grade of at least 5 (on a 6-point scale) with minimum grade 5 in at least six subjects.

What is an associate degree in Switzerland?

An associate degree often is earned in general areas of study that include the humanities, business, social science, science and technical fields. Credits earned in pursuit of an associate degree can be used toward obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

Is healthcare free in Switzerland?

The healthcare in Switzerland is universal and is regulated by the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance. There are no free state-provided health services, but private health insurance is compulsory for all persons residing in Switzerland (within three months of taking up residence or being born in the country).

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Does Switzerland give homework?

Education is the responsibly of the cantons in Switzerland, but much is decided on the local school level. Homework is not obligatory. The Lehrplan 21 (Curriculum 21) for German-speaking Switzerland, for example, only says when homework shouldn’t be given, such as over a bank holiday, but not if it should be given.

Is university free in Switzerland?

Well, technically, no, there aren’t any universities in Switzerland that are entirely free of cost. That’s why a lot of Swiss universities offer scholarships. These scholarships will usually cover all the tuition fees and most of the additional annual living expenses and studying in Switzerland.

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