Question: How Many Words Does A High School Graduate Know?

How many words does the average teenager know?

Although, according to recent surveys, they know an average of 40,000 words, they tend to favour a “teenspeak” used in text messages, on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace and in internet chat rooms like MSN.

How many words does the average college graduate know?

By providing a clear rationale for the word source which was sampled, and by using clearly defined operational criteria for what constitutes a word as well as for the procedures used in the estimation task, we found that the average number of different words known by a college student is 16,785.

How many words does the average 18 year old know?

Most adult native test-takers have a vocabulary range of about 20,000-35,000 words. Adult native test-takers learn almost 1 new word a day until middle age.

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How many words does a graduate know?

Language experts sharply disagree with each other about the number of words people have in their vocabularies. One expert says the average native English speaker who is a high school graduate knows at around 30,000 words.

How many words does the average 17 year old know?

By this age, most kids have a vocabulary of 10 to 15 words. And it doesn’t matter if only you can understand the words — we still count them, and so should you!

How many words should a 13 year old know?

While a child in first grade may have between 8,000-14,000 words, a high school graduate may have upwards of 80,000.

How many words do 12 year olds know?

12 By the time a child is 12 years old, he/she will understand (have a receptive vocabulary) of about 50,000 words. Vocabulary is the basis for learning language.

Which language has the largest vocabulary?

The language with the largest vocabulary in the world is English with 1,025,109.8 words. This is the estimate provided by Global Language Monitor on January 1, 2014. The English language officially surpassed the millionth word threshold on June 10, 2009 at 10:22 a.m. (GMT).

How many words does the average 10 year old know?

And some of the lists and tables that explain vocabulary development report that most 10-year-olds know at least 20,000 words (Merritt, 2016).

How many words can you memorize a day?

That’s it: 50 new words, every day. That’s 18,250 words in the space of a year, the approximate size of the (active) vocabulary of a native speaker.

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Should a 2 year old be talking?

By age 2, most kids are talking. There’s a wide range in the number of words they use, but it’s typically suggested that they should be using at least 50.

How many words does the average person know by age?

Most adult native test-takers range from 20,000–35,000 words. Average native test-takers of age 8 already know 10,000 words. Average native test-takers of age 4 already know 5,000 words. Adult native test-takers learn almost 1 new word a day until middle age.

Is 1000 words enough to speak a language?

To recap: The number of words to learn to speak a language really depends on your purpose. Remember that 300 to 600 words may be enough to travel, but at least 1,000 words are necessary for a conversation.

Is 5000 words enough to speak a language?

I’d say right around 5000 words in most languages is going to get you into that “conversationally fluent” level. I would agree with others that a few thousand words of active vocabulary would make most average conversations relatively smooth.

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