Quick Answer: Can You Join The Army Without Graduating High School?

Can you join the military without graduating high school?

The Army National Guard will pay you to get your GED when you enlist. If you don’t have either a high school diploma or alternate education credentials (GED, National Guard Youth Challenge, Correspondence Diploma, etc) we can help. You can enlist under the “Army National Guard GED Plus Program”.

What branch of the military does not require a high school diploma?

The U.S. Marine Corps allows no more than five percent of all recruits to be enlisted without holding a common high school degree and just like other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, all Marine Corps recruits fall into one of three categories (the three-tier system).

Does the military check for high school diploma?

NOTE: A high school diploma does not guarantee enlistment. The military reviews a number of factors including academic history, good scores on the ASVAB test, results from recruiter interviews and pre-enlistment physicals, and many other factors that may play a part in the enlistment process.

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Can high school dropouts join the military 2021?

Joining the US Army is possible even if you don’t have a high school or college diploma. However, you will be required to meet certain qualifications (medical and otherwise) to be considered eligible. Tier 2: GED holders without diplomas and high school dropouts are classified as tier 2.

What GPA do you need to join the army?

In addition to meeting specific age and health standards, the requirements for joining the military vary depending on the branch you’re interested in joining. U.S. Army: Minimum high school GPA of 2.5; minimum score of 31 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.

Can you finish high school in the Army?

The Army’s High School Completion Program ( HSCP ) is an off-duty program that provides soldiers and adult family members the opportunity to earn a high school diploma or equivalency certificate.

How much is the military paid?

For example, the lowest ranking enlisted member—someone in the paygrade of E-1—with less than two years of service, makes a base pay of $1,681 per month. A 4-star general (O-10), who’s been in the military for 30 years, takes home $19,673 per month in base pay.

Do you need a highschool diploma to join the Navy?

To join the Navy, you must: Be a U.S. citizen; or Legal Permanent Resident (Enlisted) Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent (Enlisted) or have a four-year degree from an accredited university (Officer)

What is Tier 2 in the military?

Tier II. Tier II includes GEDs, home study (in some states), Certificate of Attendance, Alternative/Continuation High School, Correspondence School Diplomas, and Occupational Program Certificate (Vo/Tech) holders. The services limit the number of Tier II candidates allowed to enlist each year.

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What jobs can you get without a high school diploma?

What jobs can I get without a high school diploma?

  • Housekeeper. National average salary: $11.32 per hour.
  • Server. National average salary: $11.38 per hour.
  • Barista. National average salary: $11.57 per hour.
  • Custodian. National average salary: $11.87 per hour.
  • Security guard.
  • Florist.
  • Telemarketer.
  • Landscaper.

Does the military accept online high school diplomas?

Online High school graduates are free to enlist in military. All students are required to take the military’s enlistment test, the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery). Military requirements are essentially the same for every branch.

Can you join military with GED 2021?

Yes! You can join the military with a GED. The military often requires a high school diploma, but it is still very possible for you to become a member of the armed services after you earn a GED. Tier 3 recruits have neither a GED or high school diploma.

How old do you have to be to join the military?

Age Limits for Enlisting You must be at least 17 to enlist in any branch of the active military. The oldest you can be to enlist for active duty in each branch is: Coast Guard: 31.

What can a highschool dropout do?

The consequences of dropping out of high school are that you will be more likely to become a prison inmate or the victim of a crime. You will also have a higher chance of becoming homeless, unemployed, and/or unhealthy. Simply put, a lot of bad stuff potentially happens if you drop out.

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